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01 Jul 0 Comment

Delay of Deportation Review

It has become evident over the past few years that there has been a systemic failure with regards to immigration reform. One of the major reasons is the lack of bipartisan cooperation between both parties resulting in immigration policy being used as a pawn in the D.C. politics chess game. Apparently, politicians are more concerned with approval ratings than actually getting their hands dirty and fixing the broken US immigration system.

Earlier this year President Obama requested that Jeh Johnson, the Secretary of Homeland Security, complete a review of deportation policies. This review was necessary in part due to the public backlash concerning the current manner deportations are being handled. In particular, the clear disregard for basic human rights of undocumented Americans in many ways such as ripping families apart or deporting young adults who have only known America as their home to a foreign country with little to no support. The call for this review was a huge victory for the supporters of immigration reform because it marked a big step towards the Obama administration actually taking steps towards fixing the immigration system and ensuring the human rights that the DREAMers and their families deserve.

And then politics got in the way.

It was announced that Obama has decided to delay this review and bade Johnson to hold off on releasing any information from this review. By doing this, it appears that President Obama opted to appease the Republican Party (for the time being), yet this apparent inaction means that at present, nothing has changed; DREAMers and their families continue to suffer. Our President needs to put aside concerns about pleasing the Republican Party and take action because while this is a political issue, it is in many more ways a human rights issue.

Immigration reform is a human rights issue! Add your voice to the thousands who are unable to fight by signing our Causes Campaign as we move to request congress pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform in 2014.

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