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Click on the image to understand why it's so important that you get out and vote today
06 Nov 0 Comment

Today is the DAY!

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Well…today is the day peeps…and it couldn’t be more important that you find a way to get to the polls and vote on this Tuesday, November 6, 2012!

Tons of organizations, like Voto Latino, National Council of La Raza and United We Dream have been working diligently to get our gente to the booths to vote for the next President of the United States and set the direction our country will take.

Click on the image to understand why it's so important that you get out and vote today

But it’s not just the Presidential race and the direction of our country that’s at stake!

Tons of local and state races, as well as proposed laws need your attention too. In Maryland, the MD DREAM Act is up for popular vote as Question 4 and organizations like CASA de Maryland and Educating Maryland Kids have been working to educate Maryland voters about the benefits of passing the MD Dream Act…and it’s really important that today, you go and vote for Question 4.In Arizona, Puente Human Rights Movement, Citizens for a Better Arizona and Poets Responding to SB 1070 have been working extra hard to oust Sheriff Arpaio, cause really people, JOE has got to GO!

I could go on and on but that’s just a sample of what’s at stake across the nation…and it couldn’t be more important that you get out and vote today…especially after all of the work that so many people have been doing to educate and canvass!  And it couldn’t be more important that Latinos get out to the booths to elect politicians and pass laws that are beneficial to our community, that support social justice and immigration reform, rather than stand by as  politicians and laws that target the Hispanic community continue to plant the seeds of injustice and fear.  It’s time to stand up and fight for what you believe in…and there couldn’t be a better day than today.


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